Every farmer should get his share of economy for all his efforts and every household should have access to fresh and healthy vegetable cultivated under careful supervision of experts as we believe that prescription to right health begins with quality food

Produce the best, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

At the same time, we strongly believe that consumer should know the source of the product, where they are getting it from and the farming procedure. We screen the source of the land and put checks and measures to obtain highest quality produce after ascertaining soil and water pollution levels are normal. we ensure it reaches the consumer in hygiene condition without using harmful preservatives and growth hormones.



Our Community

As we establish and grow in our initiate, we wish to share the knowledge gained and the expertise available with the farming community who are willing to associate with us and adapt to the designed model of farming. The idea is to build a strong producer base and bridge the gap formed in the market by reducing the middlemen involvement and taking the final product directly to the customer.


Our Model

Nature offers everything in its purest form. All the best Doctors Sunshine , Water, Air, Diet  co-exist in Nature in this purest form. Our ancestor’s health is a testimony to this effect. A healthy diet begins with lots of fruits and vegetables We grow and promote hygiene vegetables that are grown without using harmful pesticides.Our vision is to manage the fields with natural fertilizers and organic pest control methods.


In the right frame we will have a form for prospects to register for these products. The form should include Their name, address, locality, contact details and a field for small description. On submitting, the details should be sent to a mail and stored in google forms Below we will have link to Nutrition and Food safety standards.


Food Safety Standards

We at Ramgee Agro farms pvt  Ltd, are determined and committed to deliver the Quality, Safe & Traceable Products as per the National and International Standards requirement.

  • To meet our commitment, we ensure :
  • To comply statutory, regulatory and mutually agreed requirements of the customer.
  • To procure excellent quality raw material and process & pack it in hygienic conditions with advance technology.
  • Efficient utilization of all the resources.
  • Meeting customer expectations of required standards of the product in time and at a competitive price.
  • Effective Internal and External Communication
  • To review and communicate our Quality and Food Safety Policy to all levels organization.

Continuous monitoring of the product & service quality and continual improvement are the integral part of our Food Safety Standards to gain and retain the trust of the customers, suppliers and employee

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