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List Of Top Content Writing Tools in 2021 for SEO | Free Content Writing Tools
If you do content writing then you know content is the real king. You want to create great content and to get more shares and backlinks. But you don’t know where to start the content writing process. You should start from very basic by researching about the topic. Also, you should know how to optimize your content and format it in a better way, which can be done with the help of free content writing tools.
This article will give you ideas about the best free tools for content writing. Not only that you will also know about the best content writing tools 2021, SEO writing tools, productivity apps, and business writing. So, let’s get started!
The Best General Writing Apps
Top Grammar Tools
Best Productivity Apps
Must have Business Writing Tools
Frequently Asked Questions
How to Hire Freelance Content Writer for your Startup
Curious to know how to hire a freelance content writer. Well, this article will guide you on how to choose the right freelance content writer.

The Best General Writing Apps
ProWritingAid Reviews
ProWritingAid is a grammar checker and editor tool for bloggers, and business writers. This is one of the free online content writing tools that can be helpful if you aren’t great in grammar and word choice. ProWritingAid is a content writing tool that helps to optimize word choices, edit grammar, and punctuation faster.

It offers more than 20 different reports which polish your content writing skill. This is one of the few free online content writing tools that are helpful when you want to make your content from amateur to professional level.

Many people fear what if the article they upload at free content writing apps gets stolen and plagiarized. Then you should not fear. Because these free content writing tools is safe to use. It does not store any data after the analysis ends whether it’s free or paid.

ProWritingAid Pricing
Plan Pricing
Monthly Subscription $20/month
Yearly Subscription $79/year
Lifetime $299 (One-time payment)

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator Reviews
The Hubspot blog ideas generator is a free content writing tools for SEO. You need to enter the right nouns and HubSpot will generate blog ideas about your topic. Want to get inspiration for the next blog posts? This tool will help you. Whenever you will feel stuck somewhere then this SEO content writing software will help you out.

Hubspot's Blog Ideas Generator

Your blog ideas will never be shared with any other users of this SEO writing tools and are unique to the blog idea topics you submit in the tool. Hubspot will never share the blog ideas generated.

How to use Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator?
Enter up to five nouns for topics you want to write about
Click “Give me Blog Ideas.”
In a matter of seconds the SEO writing software will generate a week’s worth of blog ideas. You can also unlock a year’s worth of blog ideas and more information on how to modernize your SEO strategy if you are interested in learning more.
You need to be very specific while entering the words in the box. If you want more number of new topics ideas then this website content writing software is not suitable for you to use.

Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator Pricing
This platform offers the best SEO content writing tools and is completely free and does not charges anything.

Airstory Reviews
Airstory one of the few best content writing tools that offer to write large content faster by putting every piece in one place. If You want a flexible writing system that combines notes then this SEO content writing software is for you. This is free content writing apps to use with many collaborators and team members. There is no need for a credit card to start using this tool. You will start writing with the help of content writing tools like Airstory within 9 seconds.

Airstory Dashboard

There’s no doubt that Microsoft and Google docs have their own place. Around 10% of the working people in the world don’t want a digital rectangle. This is why you should try Airstory as it is one of the best free tools for content writing.

Airstory Pricing
Plan Pricing
Free $0/user/month
Business $6.47/user/month
The Best Blogging Tools In 2020 To Grow Your Blog
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750 Words Reviews

Developer Buster Benson created this online journaling tool. The idea behind these type of free content writing apps is a workbook “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron containing a page which is morning pages. These are a 3-page stream of writing every morning to get creative thoughts.

750 Words Stats
Also, this is one of the few free content writer tools that does not have a limit of 750 words and allows you to write larger contents. You will get a word counter at the bottom and it turns green when you reach 750 words. Once you write your content, it will let you to the statistics page. Yes, this is a best content writing websites that has interesting statistics and funky badges once you save your content.
This is one of the best content writing websites, as its statistics contain a range of words used and how you were feeling while writing. Also, what you were concerned about while writing, interesting no? The movie-style rating has a list of used words to make it more interesting.
750 Words Pricing
This content writing software for 750 Words costs $5 after a free 30 day trial.
FocusWriter Reviews
FocusWriter is one of the best content writing services designed especially for distraction-free content writing environment. This content writing app contains a central blank page for you to write there. Yet, you can change the theme later from default. Also, you can not change the size of the paper in the center. This free content writing tool is a pared-back version of the test editing options makes it cool to use.FocusWriter Default Theme

Also, you get to set alarms after a certain period has elapsed. FocusWriter blocks out the PC’s clock because of distractions. Besides offering writing tools, you can also set targets which are a streak. This will ensure to push yourself and be competitive in the writing process. It fades everything, the section where you are currently typing and no distractions.

FocusWriter Pricing

FocusWriter is a free content writer tools software available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

How to Convert Blog Traffic to Leads?
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Best Practices For Finding And Hiring Freelancers

Of all the different types of workplace flexibility out there, freelancing is perhaps the most flexible. One of the best decisions you can make in order to keep your business competitive and growing is to hire freelancers. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting as an entrepreneur, or want to scale your business, or just looking to migrate to a friendlier paradigm workplace within your business.

For any type of business, there is a myriad of benefits of hiring freelancers. Let’s take a look at the best practices for hiring freelancers, what to avoid, how to find, where to find and the benefits of hiring them.

Best Practices For Hiring Freelancers

Identify Best Platforms
Share Your Big Picture
Set Criteria And Filters Beforehand
Optimise Your Payment Process
Mobile Compatibility is Key
Align on Communication Preference
Give and Request Candid Feedback
Don’ts of Hiring Freelancers

Don’t Let The Lowest Price Be The Selection Criteria
Don’t Look Away From The Guarantee Of A Job Done
Don’t Start Working Without Having Perfectly Clear Expectations From Each Other
3 Ways to Find Awesome Freelancers

Ask For Referral
Reach Out To Local Trade Organisation
Check Out Secret Hive
Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring Freelancers

Global Market And Access To Talent

Best Practices For Hiring Freelancers
By bringing little changes to your hiring practices to assess remote talent, you can attract a wider pool of freelancers to choose from while simultaneously reducing operational costs.

Here are the best practices to follow when hiring freelancers to support your business.

Identify Best Platforms
It’s not easy to find remote professionals with good references and the exact abilities that you need. You need to find a specialized platform that allows you to look for them by category. Browse their record with other clients and protect the investment you make in each hiring process.

Best freelancing platforms to find and hire freelancers.

59% of businesses surveyed said they use a freelance platform to source talent. These platforms let businesses advertise opportunities, promote themselves and access freelancers in international markets. Sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork and Guru, specialist platforms like Commtract and The Freelance Collective vet freelancers before listing them.

Share Your Big Picture
Share your big picture with the freelancer, i.e. why you are hiring them and how will their work fit into your main project. This little insight helps them better understand your expectations, ask better questions, and most importantly deliver better results.

Set Criteria And Filters Beforehand
Hiring a freelancer is also a recruiting process and just like other processes, setting filters and appropriate criteria will help you save time and select the best profile. For example, you can include specific forms or notes in your proposal to see if the freelancer is paying attention or following instructions or has provable experience in similar projects.

Optimise Your Payment Process
Remember when you are paying an independent employee you are making an investment, and this should be congruent with the service you expect to receive. Offering a fair salary means you are conscious of the value that the freelancer’s work will have for your business, and that you can adjust the budget range in consequence.

Don’ts of Hiring Freelancers
There are certain things that you need to avoid during your hiring process. Knowing these details will allow you to conduct the hiring process effectively and efficiently.

Don’t Let The Lowest Price Be The Selection Criteria
Freelancing saves a lot of money but that does not mean you should go for the cheapest one. It is important to have a collaborator who fits in your project budget but ensuring the quality of work is equally important. The skills and experience of the freelancer should be taken into consideration while deciding the rates.

Don’t Look Away From The Guarantee Of A Job Done
Check what and how these freelancers have worked before. Keep track of their work. Having an open communication channel helps build client-freelancer relationships. Make time to discuss work and issues so that you and the freelancers would be on the same page. Keeping track of the work and maintaining good communication with the freelancers improves the chances of getting quality work in time. Also, give them honest feedback. Your feedback is important. A happy client means a return business to them.

Don’t Start Working Without Having Perfectly Clear Expectations From Each Other
It is better to clear the expectations about work hours and payment right from the beginning. You should never accept or start working on a project unless you have provided every single specification to the freelancer. A good freelancer will ensure that they inform you about the specifications of the tool and project budget.

3 Ways to Find Awesome Freelancers
You can scour the internet to find high-quality freelancers, but there are more reliable (and productive) ways to find the best freelancers and consultants for your needs. These three methods lead you to talented freelancers without the hassle:

Ask For Referral
Your professional and personal networks are the best places to find freelancers. Start by asking your coworkers, former colleagues, and industry contacts for referrals. Chances are, they will do the work for you and pass along some talented folks.

Reach Out To Local Trade Organisation
Freelancers love to connect through their own networks. Instead of using a freelance site, reach out to a local trade organization to find top-notch talent. If you need a freelance writer, email the head of a writer’s group in your city — the same goes for developers, designers, consultants, bookkeepers. You could look into Meetups as well!

Check Out Secret Hive
Most companies don’t know about the best online resource for finding amazing freelancers — it floats just under the radar. The Freelancer Union’s Hives are the go-to spot for independent contractors for all things freelance. Post your project on their Work Hive, and watch as the responses flood into your email.

Best Ways To Outsource Your Jobs to Freelancers | Freelancing Jobs
What does outsourcing essentially mean? It means that there are certain tasks inyour company that for certain reasons you and your current employees are unableto do. So you give that work to someone else who is not a part of the maincompany. It’s not as simple as it looks. But it is best to outso…

Piyush Mishra

Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring Freelancers

Benefits of Hiring Freelancer
Hiring by project or by hours instead of having a permanent employee allows you to save a lot in hiring costs and fixed salaries. It also encourages to work by goals, which is the most efficient way to work. One of the most obvious reasons why businesses are hiring freelance developers is that it is very cost-effective to do so.
On top of paying annual salaries to full-time developers, you also have to pay for legally required benefits, insurance, paid leave, retirement and savings, supplemental pay (overtime and premium), and much more. Unless you’re hiring remote developers, there are also overhead and general & administrative costs.
Freelancers move like fish in the sea in a commercial environment characterized by change and constant evolution. They work on simultaneous projects; they have a more diverse experience and they can offer a wider and more assertive vision of the solutions that your company needs.
Whether you’re a startup founder or an engineering manager, being able to hire quickly and as-needed is one of the most attractive reasons to work with freelance developers. Imagine this: the IT project manager calls the entire development team into the meeting room and lays down a close-to-impossible timeline for your project. You have three people on the team but you’ve just been asked to deliver five people’s work. This is where freelancers can help you. You can hire them just for this project and then free them. This provides a lot of flexibility.
Global Market And Access To Talent
Thanks to online freelance platforms, businesses can now hire the best freelance developers from around the world for their projects. Furthermore, businesses located in more expensive areas of the world can easily hire quality freelance developers at a much lower cost. By hiring freelance developers, you wouldn’t have to worry about visas or relocating someone. Not only you can find freelance developers who are ready to work immediately, but you can also hire domain experts, saving time and money.
There has been a growth of freelancers in the business because the industry is demanding more specialized talent. Let’s say you’re trying to find a web developer well-versed in Go because it scales nicely and can handle high concurrent performance issues. Even though Go is an awesome programming language, there is a relatively small pool of developers skilled in it, especially if you’re limiting the search to specific locations.
Hiring a freelance web developer who specializes in Go would be significantly easier. Maybe you’re not looking for something as niche as a Go developer. Let’s say you want to develop an Android app. Even though the developer you are currently working with is somewhat familiar with mobile development, he or she may not be an expert in Android development. A freelance developer who specializes in developing Android apps will definitely deliver better results.
What can you use freelancers for?
While freelancers offer a range of unique and specialist skills, businesses are most likely to use them for technical and creative projects. The most popular freelancing skills are:Most Popular Freelancing Skills

Most Popular Freelancing Skills
Web design (36%)
Programming (31%)
Graphic design/illustration (30%)
Web/mobile development (26%)
Web marketing and sales (24%)
Accounting (24%)
Data entry and internet research (23%)
Giving importance to the above-mentioned information when hiring a freelancer will ensure a good experience for both and it will ensure the addition of a valuable ally to your team.

What are the best practices to follow when hiring freelancers?
Here are the best practices to follow when hiring freelancers to support your business.

Identify the best platform.
Share your big picture.
Set criteria and filters beforehand.
Optimize your payment process.
Mobile compatibility is key.
Align on communication preferences.
Give and request candid feedback.
What is the best way to find and hire a freelancer?
There are many websites and freelancing platforms where you can find a freelancer who has the exact skillset that you are looking for. Some of them are:

Profinder by LinkedIn.
Which freelancing jobs are most in-demand?
The most popular freelancing skills are:

Web design.
Graphic design/illustration.
Web/mobile development.
Web marketing and sales.
Data entry and internet research.

Must have tools for startups – Recommended by StartupTalky
Payment Gateway – Razorpay
Hosting – BlueHost
Creating Buzzfeed style videos – Invideo
SEO – Semrush
Sales CRM – Reply.io
Email Marketing – Getresponse

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mentza founder image

Audio-based conversational learning startup Mentza today announced it has raised $400,000 (about Rs 2.96 crore) in a seed funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures, a Gurgaon-based angel investment firm.

This is IPV’s 32nd investment for 2021 and is likely to invest Rs 155 crore this year across 60 plus startups. The firm had earlier invested in EndimensionShadezNeuropixel.aiStreak, among several others.

According to a release, Mentza will utilize the raised funding in building a healthy base of experts and curious learners, building an efficient translation of conversations into content, and to broad base the platform regionally and across interest communities.

At present, The start-up has over 23,000 registered users and has already generated over 60,000 minutes of content on its platform.

Founded in 2020 by Anurag Vaish, Mumbai-based Mentza is a one of its kind audio-based conversational learning platform that enables users to engage through high-quality focused 20-minute conversations across diverse topics. The conversations are recorded with features like highlights, 40-second snippets, and curated content recommendations.

“Our mission is to get every growth-minded person to engage in at least one Mentza conversation every day, thus making learning effortless, continuous, and social. IPV’s investor community has CXOs who understand the need for continuous learning in today’s challenging growth environments. Thus, making them the ideal strategic partners in our vision,” Anurag Vaish, Founder of Mentza said.

The startup in a statement said that its team has a cumulative 80 years of work experience with deep expertise across tech, design, cognitive sciences, research, and marketing. 

The team is using its background and knowledge in data science to influence user engagement and retention. They have built the most robust & democratized short-form live audio platform with unique features like a live highlighter, audio portfolios, and creators’ studio.

It recently announced creator partnerships with Rolling Stones and Harper Collins and is in talks with MICA faculty & students to engage them on the platform.

Mentza is building both B2B and B2C use cases. Users can build a portfolio of recorded conversations with highlights and snippets.

Speaking on the investment, Ankur Mittal, Co-founder, Inflection Point Ventures, said:

“Mentza’s model of delivering curated content in 20 minutes capsules is a powerful idea. Audio is a powerful tool that allows you to learn and participate while multi-tasking. Mentza is looking to build an audio-focused conversational learning platform in a community setting, led by a team of strong second-time founders with diverse backgrounds and strengths.”

“Many funds we spoke with as part of our due diligence also showed keen interest in this space. While B2C is the immediate focus, Mentza is separately also working on a focused B2B strategy going after large untapped Enterprise Podcast space, he adds.

The startup claimed to be the first-ever organization in the world to build audio portfolios, recordings, and live highlights. Through its platform, Mentza promotes active learning where any participant can request to speak vs monologues/passive listening in other audio formats.

Apart from this, Mentza’s platform catalogues the content into an audio portfolio of eligible users and is testing AI-generated profiles of expertise and personality. The platform is also offered as an enterprise solution for internal use within organizations.

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startup funding (2)

Gurgaon-based healthtech startup ConnectedH today said it has raised $2.3 million in a seed funding round led by Kalaari Capital and Incubate Fund India.

The funding round also saw participation from Anicut Capital and marquee angel investors like Kunal Shah (Cred), Farid Ahsan (Sharechat), Roman Saini & Gaurav Munjal (Unacademy), Ashish MohapatraRuchi Kalra (OfBusiness), Mars Shot Ventures, Varun Laul (Investcorp), Sweta Rao (White Cap Ventures), Raghavendra Prasad (Project StepOne & QikWell), Dr. Shuchin Bajaj (Cygnus Hospitals), and existing investors First Cheque and Point One Capital.

Founded in 2018 by IIT Kanpur alumni Shubham Gupta, Rahul Kumar, and Suresh Singh (IIM Bangalore alumni), with an aim to connect different sectors of the healthcare system and give the patients complete control over their information.

ConnectedH is a full-stack enabler for diagnostic centres helping them focus on testing while taking care of all other aspects. The online platform provides solutions like CRM, online reports, and on-demand Phlebotomists to the diagnostics partners helping them extend their options along with online booking and online reports. 
With this round of funding, ConnectedH will expand its product portfolio, invest in technology, and expanding its presence in Delhi/NCR region, it said.
“We’re happy to partner with Kalaari Capital and Incubate Fund India in our journey. The diagnostics sector has been insulated from all the tech advancements over the past decade. However, with growing competition and increasing patient expectations, there is an organic shift to adopt tech solutions,” the founders said in a statement.
“We grew 10X over the past year and this round will help us accelerate our efforts to create a technology-driven platform for diagnostics,” they added.
The healthcare startup is currently working with over 150+ diagnostic centers in Delhi. Apart from this, It is also creating an API stack for diagnostics helping labs get more business, serve customers at home or lab with differentiated experience, deliver reports online and on WhatsApp in a seamless fashion, drive better retention through our CRM and go online with just a few clicks.
We are strong believers in ConnectedH’s vision to build a full-stack platform for diagnostic labs in India. The diagnostics industry in India is a $10B highly fragmented market with only a few organized players,” Kiran Vasireddy, Partner at Kalaari Capital sad.
“ConnectedH platform is providing all the relevant tools to help the small and medium diagnostic labs go digital. We are very impressed with the deep understanding of founders on challenges of the diagnostics industry and excited to partner with them in building ConnectedH,” he adds.
According to ConnectedH, there are over 100,000 diagnostics centers in India, of which only 15% or less are operating in the organized market. On the other side, more than 85% of the diagnostic centres face myriad levels of challenges ranging from lack of technology, retrograded operations with the inability to serve home collection demands.
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exotel founder

Cloud-based customer engagement platform Exotel today announced it has raised $35 million in a Series C funding round led by IIFL AMC, Sistema Asia Fund, CX Partners, Singularity Growth Opportunities Fund, and Arun Sarin (Ex-CEO of Vodafone) who joined the round as an angel investor and a mentor.

The round also saw participation from existing backers Blume Ventures and A91 Partner. While IndigoEdge, a Bangalore-based investment bank, acted as the exclusive banker for the transaction, according to a statement.

Exotel will primarily use the raised funding to boost its product offerings. The development comes after the startup got merged with Ameyo, a Gurgaon-based firm that offers call centre software solutions.

The startup in a statement said that both the entities will be focusing on building a full-stack customer engagement platform in the emerging markets to accelerate communication to the cloud and providing conversational AI capabilities for improved customer experience. 

Incorporated in 2011, Vijay Sharma, Shivakumar Ganesan, Ishwar Sridharan, and Siddharth Ramesh, launched Exotel to help businesses bring order and efficiency to customer communication.

The firm is currently working with some of the fastest-growing companies in the emerging markets (Ola, Flipkart, GoJek, HDFC Bank, Quikr, Redmart, etc.), Exotel with its voice, SMS infra, and Ameyo with its omnichannel contact center capabilities help manage their customer engagement over the cloud.

“Our desire to enable enterprises with the best in customer engagement is one step closer to reality. We’re building the market’s first cloud-based full-stack engagement suite by bringing in Ameyo’s contact center capabilities on top of Exotel’s cloud communication infrastructure.” Shivakumar Ganesan (Shivku), CEO & Co-founder of Exotel said.

Commenting on how the product suite enables enterprises, Shivku said “The platform will offer an easy way for businesses to communicate with customers over voice, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and video without losing context.”

At present, Exotel is growing 70% YoY and is at an ARR of $45 million.

Sumit Jain, Senior Partner, Sistema Asia Fund said: “CPaaS is a $6Bn market in India and SEA and one of the fastest-growing technology areas in the post-covid world. Exotel has quietly emerged as the CPaaS platform of choice in India through its market-best reliability and comprehensive product suite. We are delighted to partner with them and expect them to become a globally relevant platform in the years to come.”

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pumpumpum founders

Gurugram-based PumPumPum, a used car leasing startup, today announced it has raised an undisclosed amount of new bridge funding round led by LC Nueva AIF, an India domiciled Category II AIF Fund, where LC Nueva Investment Partners LLP is the Investment Manager.

According to a statement, PumPumPum will utilize the raised capital for consumer awareness, technology development, and expansion in over 15 cities across the country. 

Prior to this round, the startup had raised $735K as part of its pre-Series A round in April 2021, led by Inflection Point Ventures.

Founded in 2018 by Tarun Lawadia and Sameer KalraDream Road Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which owns and operates PumPumPum, an online used car leasing startup that provides IoT-enabled pre-owned cars at an affordable and flexible subscription for short to long-term durations without any hassles of service and maintenance.

The startup currently offers its services in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, and plans to expand its reach to 15 cities in the next 12 months.

“Used car leasing and subscription is now fast catching pace in the country as employees are avoiding public transport for safety reasons and corporates are seeking an affordable car leasing model as an end-to-end employee mobility solution,” Tarun Lawadia, Founder and CEO, PumPumPum said.

“A pre-owned car leasing policy is one of the latest trends driving the HR rule book of a majority of corporates and startups in the country. The funding will be used to deepen PumPumPum’s presence in its current markets and expand into new ones,” he adds.

Sohil Chand, Chief Investment Officer, LC Nueva AIF, said: “Driven by millennials’ quest for an asset-light lifestyle and unique experiences, PumPumPum is radically changing the way the world looks at mobility and subscriptions. Subscriptions hold immense potential as they provide hassle-free car ownership and also help save a significant amount of tax, resulting in a much cheaper mode of commuting.”

“We are confident that this investment and partnership will make an impactful contribution to the fintech mobility space and drive adoption for used car leasing in India,” he added.

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blusmart vehicle image

Gurugram-based EV ride-hailing startup BluSmart today said it has raised $25 million in a Series A funding round led by BP Ventures. The round also saw participation from Mayfield India Fund, 9Unicorns, Survam Partners, and other existing investors. 

Earlier this month, BluSmart had partnered with BP to build a network of commercial large-scale EV charging stations. According to BP, this is its first direct investment in India and tenth in the mobility space.

Founded in 2019 by Anmol Jaggi and Punit K Goyal, BluSmart provides integrated electric vehicle ride-hailing and charging network services, aiming to deliver safer, cleaner, and more sustainable mobility.

With this round of funding, BluSmart plans to expand its fleet of electric vehicles and charging stations from Delhi to five additional Indian cities in the next two years. On the other side, the investment will help BP move towards becoming a leader in India’s mobility market, and to provide integrated energy and mobility solutions to help customers reduce their emissions across the world, the statement said.

“We believe that electric mobility has huge growth potential, driven in part by the increasingly favourable economics behind electric vehicles,” Anmol Singh Jaggi, co-founder of BluSmart, said. “With that in mind we want to redefine ride-hailing with electric vehicles, and our consumer focus has helped us to already establish a strong brand presence in our core market; to date, our vehicles have traveled over 21 million kilometers, he adds.

Richard Bartlett, SVP future mobility & solutions, said: “The electric mobility revolution will have a huge impact in reducing vehicle emissions in cities, which in India are growing quickly. BluSmart’s business model solves a number of key barriers to urban EV ride-hailing take-up, from the cost for drivers to the quality of customer experience.”

“Our partnership is underpinned by shared values; caring for customers, colleagues, and the environment, and with safety at the core of everything we do. We are excited to have made our first direct investment in India, to grow alongside the BluSmart business,” he adds.

Following the deal, Sophia Nadur, Managing Partner at BP Ventures, will be joining BluSmart’s board. BP Ventures so far has invested almost $800 million in more than 60 companies across seven geographies. 

According to BP’s statement, India is now the third-largest startup market globally and its GDP is projected to be the world’s third-largest by 2030. Yet with 35 of the top 50 most polluted cities globally, there’s a huge need for low carbon technologies to help make that growth compatible with its climate ambitions.

Urbanization is also increasing rapidly, with the UN projecting that India’s urban population size will nearly double from 2018 to 2050, potentially creating further congestion and environmental challenges that electric ride-hailing can help play a part in improving. 

The industry is forecast to grow significantly, with mobility as a service projected to make up 15% of the 1.1 trillion kilometres to be traveled by passenger vehicles in India by 2030, compared to 5% of the 477 billion kilometres traveled today.

With the largest EV charging infrastructure in India and a growing fleet of electric vehicles, BluSmart aims to transform ride-hailing in the country. The business is growing quickly in Delhi NCR, which represents 20% of India’s mobility market, which BluSmart estimate has already saved over approximately 1,500 tonnes of CO2, with more than 650,000 passenger trips completed to date. 

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uncanny vision logo

US-based cloud surveillance company Eagle Eye Networks today announced it has acquired Bengaluru-based AI surveillance startup Uncanny Vision, accelerating its leadership in providing AI and analytics to make customers’ businesses more efficient and the world a safer place. 

With this, Eagle Eye Networks adds advanced AI technology to its cloud video surveillance platform, R&D capabilities, engineering talent, and a new regional office in Bengaluru, India.

Additionally, The US-based company will fold Uncanny Vision into its operations and will retain all its 60 employees to power its Indian operations. It also plans to expand the Bengaluru office, which primarily has employees with technical and engineering expertise, to include sales and administrative staff to support its India operations.

“After evaluating more than a dozen AI companies, we began working with Uncanny Vision in 2020. It didn’t take long for us to conclude that Uncanny Vision is the clear leader in surveillance AI,” said Dean Drako, Eagle Eye Networks CEO. “Their award-winning AI technology is deployed across thousands of locations, including Fortune 500 customers.” 

Founded in 2013 by Ranjith Parakkal (CEO) and Navanee Sundaramoorthy (CMO), Uncanny Vision’s deep learning algorithms enable recognition, identification, and prediction, improving business operations, customer service, and site safety. 

Currently, its services are being used in Smart parking, Retail analytics, Gate security, Toll automation, Smart cities, ATM monitoring, Worker Safety, and Perimeter security.

“Uncanny Vision’s tools for training, building, and optimizing models, and its infrastructure for managing and storing training data are superior. This is a key component we’re excited to add to the Eagle Eye Networks platform,” Drako adds.

“Eagle Eye is committed to supporting Uncanny Vision’s current customers and will continue to build its global infrastructure to provide the very best 24/7 support to its valued customers around the world,” the US-based company said in a statement.

Additionally, Uncanny Vision co-founders, Ranjith Parakkal and Navaneethan Sundaramoorthy have joined the Eagle Eye leadership team. Speaking on the development, Parakkal said, “We share the Eagle Eye team’s vision to deliver advanced, cyber-secure AI cloud video surveillance offerings that transform video surveillance for businesses around the globe.”

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rupifi founding team

Bengaluru-based fintech startup Rupifi, which provides flexible BNPL credit line to SMEs on B2B marketplaces, today said it has raised $1 million in a mix of debt and equity round led by Alteria Capital and Gokul Rajaram (Coinbase, TradeDesk, and Pinterest board member).

According to a statement, Rupifi will utilize the raised capital to scale the existing ‘Buy Now Pay Flexibly’ product offering for small businesses transacting on business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces.

The development comes two weeks after it announced its partnership with Retailio to enable credit for its pharma retailers. 

The startup previously had raised $4.1 million as part of a pre-Series A round from Quona Capital, Binny Bansal, and Ankur Capital.

Founded in 2020 by Anubhav Jain, Ankit Singh, and Jawaid Iqbal, Rupifi through its fintech platform offers embedded lending solutions to B2B marketplaces. The startup is currently offering its services to small businesses (SMEs) across sectors like food, pharmaceuticals, fashion, electronics, agriculture, and general merchandise.

The fintech startup claims to have witnessed a 2X increase during the last six months in spends from SMEs that have been using its platform to transact on B2B marketplaces.

“We are excited to have Alteria Capital working with us in our goal to empower small businesses in India through access to financial products. We plan to use the debt towards creating stronger partnerships with financial institutions and secure significant limits from banks and non-banking finance companies for our expansion,” said Anubhav Jain, Co-founder & CEO of Rupifi.

“We believe in a balanced mix of both equity and debt to manage our growth, product development, and expansion plans in the embedded finance domain,” he adds.

“Every company will eventually be a fintech company and offer financial services to its customers. Rupifi is building the definitive platform for B2B companies to embed financial products into their customer experience in a fast, easy-to-use, and seamless way. I’m excited to support Anubhav, Ankit, and Jawaid as they march towards fulfilling their mission of helping small businesses access financial products such as credit and lending at the point of transaction”, said Gokul Rajaram.

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