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List Of Top Content Writing Tools in 2021 for SEO | Free Content Writing Tools

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List Of Top Content Writing Tools in 2021 for SEO | Free Content Writing Tools
If you do content writing then you know content is the real king. You want to create great content and to get more shares and backlinks. But you don’t know where to start the content writing process. You should start from very basic by researching about the topic. Also, you should know how to optimize your content and format it in a better way, which can be done with the help of free content writing tools.
This article will give you ideas about the best free tools for content writing. Not only that you will also know about the best content writing tools 2021, SEO writing tools, productivity apps, and business writing. So, let’s get started!
The Best General Writing Apps
Top Grammar Tools
Best Productivity Apps
Must have Business Writing Tools
Frequently Asked Questions
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The Best General Writing Apps
ProWritingAid Reviews
ProWritingAid is a grammar checker and editor tool for bloggers, and business writers. This is one of the free online content writing tools that can be helpful if you aren’t great in grammar and word choice. ProWritingAid is a content writing tool that helps to optimize word choices, edit grammar, and punctuation faster.

It offers more than 20 different reports which polish your content writing skill. This is one of the few free online content writing tools that are helpful when you want to make your content from amateur to professional level.

Many people fear what if the article they upload at free content writing apps gets stolen and plagiarized. Then you should not fear. Because these free content writing tools is safe to use. It does not store any data after the analysis ends whether it’s free or paid.

ProWritingAid Pricing
Plan Pricing
Monthly Subscription $20/month
Yearly Subscription $79/year
Lifetime $299 (One-time payment)

Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator Reviews
The Hubspot blog ideas generator is a free content writing tools for SEO. You need to enter the right nouns and HubSpot will generate blog ideas about your topic. Want to get inspiration for the next blog posts? This tool will help you. Whenever you will feel stuck somewhere then this SEO content writing software will help you out.

Hubspot's Blog Ideas Generator

Your blog ideas will never be shared with any other users of this SEO writing tools and are unique to the blog idea topics you submit in the tool. Hubspot will never share the blog ideas generated.

How to use Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator?
Enter up to five nouns for topics you want to write about
Click “Give me Blog Ideas.”
In a matter of seconds the SEO writing software will generate a week’s worth of blog ideas. You can also unlock a year’s worth of blog ideas and more information on how to modernize your SEO strategy if you are interested in learning more.
You need to be very specific while entering the words in the box. If you want more number of new topics ideas then this website content writing software is not suitable for you to use.

Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator Pricing
This platform offers the best SEO content writing tools and is completely free and does not charges anything.

Airstory Reviews
Airstory one of the few best content writing tools that offer to write large content faster by putting every piece in one place. If You want a flexible writing system that combines notes then this SEO content writing software is for you. This is free content writing apps to use with many collaborators and team members. There is no need for a credit card to start using this tool. You will start writing with the help of content writing tools like Airstory within 9 seconds.

Airstory Dashboard

There’s no doubt that Microsoft and Google docs have their own place. Around 10% of the working people in the world don’t want a digital rectangle. This is why you should try Airstory as it is one of the best free tools for content writing.

Airstory Pricing
Plan Pricing
Free $0/user/month
Business $6.47/user/month
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750 Words Reviews

Developer Buster Benson created this online journaling tool. The idea behind these type of free content writing apps is a workbook “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron containing a page which is morning pages. These are a 3-page stream of writing every morning to get creative thoughts.

750 Words Stats
Also, this is one of the few free content writer tools that does not have a limit of 750 words and allows you to write larger contents. You will get a word counter at the bottom and it turns green when you reach 750 words. Once you write your content, it will let you to the statistics page. Yes, this is a best content writing websites that has interesting statistics and funky badges once you save your content.
This is one of the best content writing websites, as its statistics contain a range of words used and how you were feeling while writing. Also, what you were concerned about while writing, interesting no? The movie-style rating has a list of used words to make it more interesting.
750 Words Pricing
This content writing software for 750 Words costs $5 after a free 30 day trial.
FocusWriter Reviews
FocusWriter is one of the best content writing services designed especially for distraction-free content writing environment. This content writing app contains a central blank page for you to write there. Yet, you can change the theme later from default. Also, you can not change the size of the paper in the center. This free content writing tool is a pared-back version of the test editing options makes it cool to use.FocusWriter Default Theme

Also, you get to set alarms after a certain period has elapsed. FocusWriter blocks out the PC’s clock because of distractions. Besides offering writing tools, you can also set targets which are a streak. This will ensure to push yourself and be competitive in the writing process. It fades everything, the section where you are currently typing and no distractions.

FocusWriter Pricing

FocusWriter is a free content writer tools software available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

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